Core Values

Our Guiding Principles

At Intensity Infrastructure, our comprehensive midstream solutions go beyond the traditional model. To accomplish this, we operate by a set of core values that drive the way we conduct all our business. These values are what sets Intensity Infrastructure apart.

We Protect.

Safety is first and foremost; safety for the people we employ, contract, and serve. We are committed to excellence in protecting people and preserving the environment. 

We Have Integrity.

Honest relationships are a key to success. We conduct ourselves with transparency and integrity and expect the same from the contractors we work with. 

We Communicate.

We understand that our customers’ needs are paramount. We work together as a team to give our customers the best, ensuring that their needs are always addressed in a timely and efficient manner.

We Practice Financial Stewardship.

We utilize a sound financial strategy that allows us to stay focused on safely and efficiently growing our business and providing value to all our stakeholders. 

The Intensity Infrastructure Mission

To provide superior service to our customers by creating an environment that values safety first and promotes the creativity and motivation necessary for our employees to take pride and ownership in judiciously growing our business.